Environmental Journalism at HKBU

Environmental Journalism is no longer just an optional “beat” for reporters but a must-do for everyone. Journalists are a key link in what people know about the environment, notably in warning of disasters and providing information about dealing with them, but most importantly in telling the public NOW about climate change and the choices they can make to mitigate it. Understanding the environment is not straightforward and reporters need to prepare themselves by getting informed and learning how to use advanced forms of communication networks to get their messages out.


Hong Kong Baptist University’s Department of Journalism is linked to the Global Environmental Journalism Initiative, or GEJI, a consortium of universities in Europe and Australia funded by the EU and the Australian government, which is developing an international network of students and graduates who can inform each other of what’s going on in their part of the world and cooperate on surveys and stories about the environment. HKBU students have done three international environmental journalism exercises with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and City University, London, on the use of plastic bags and plastic bottles of water. Read more here


International students at another partner organisation, The Danish School of Journalism, have produced a series of broadcast stories on environmental problems in Europe. — click here for the link.


The HKBU Century Club provides funding for two Department of Journalism students to go on exchange for one semester to one of the GEJI partner universities with whom we have exchange partnerships – University of Technology Sydney, City University in London, Monash University in Melbourne and the Danish School of Journalism at Aarhus, Denmark. Students are required to take courses in environmental journalism and/or do some environmental journalism – get involved in some way – and come back to HKBU to inspire others to learn about the field. Read more about our returned students Fanny Chen Yifei ,Guo Yini, Gloria Lu and Alan Wong here…