Hong Kong – the prosperity of cellphone camera app and digital photography studio, old photo studio taking pictures by traditional cameras were no longer popular. Lam Kwok Shing, a 64-year-old photographer, is waiting for customers to come to his small Sammy Photo Studio, located in Pok Hoi Street, Yau Ma Tei.

Sammy, “perfect” in Chinese, is what Lam expects for his photos.

Despite this old-style photo studio may not be perfect for modern people, Lam still sticks to using the Hasselblad professional camera and 120mm film format. He maintains the traditional way of photography for quality and texture that digital can’t deliver.

During decades, Sammy’s decoration hasn’t change too much. The walls are covered with color and black-and-white portraits from different eras, and every one in these photos are smiling. And every photo has its own story.

Some people may like the old-fashioned decoration and nostalgic atmosphere in this studio as it brings costumers back into some old time memories. But the fact is that film is less welcomed by consumers, thus, most of the time, Lam is just waiting, waiting for his old costumers as well as new ones who prefer film.

Edited by SHU DIAN

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