HONG KONG – On a sprawling 5,000-square-meter plot of land in Eco Park, the Hong Kong Hung Wai Wooden Board Company is struggling to keep up with recycling the thousands of tons of wood waste generated each year in Hong Kong.

A room is stocked full of flammable pellets used for heating and mounds of mulched wood litter the grounds of the first and only wood recycle company in Hong Kong. While the company sees a future in the environmental cause, William Wong, who took charge of the company in 2010 after studying nine years in Melbourne, Australia, said the city government has not shown enough interest in promoting wood waste recycling nor has it provided any incentives to help his company financially.

Wong, 25, said currently the company has suspended operations for two months because “there is little space for the newly-arrived wood waste.”

“The space is being filled up with wood pellets” Wong said. “Few people in Hong Kong want to buy those wood pellets.”

Fees to transport the recycled pellets out of Hong Kong are too expensive, Wong said. To cut the company’s budget, Wong reduced his workforce to 10 employees.

Although the company has been losing HK$50,000 per month since he took over a little more than three years ago, Wong said he still strongly believes in wood recycling and hopes the city’s government won’t let his business eventually rot away.

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