HONG KONG – Mr. Luk strode in the shop, watching his two workers using hammers to shape copperware. Then he sat down and served his clients. A customer stopped by, took a quick look at something and then went away. Another stopped and asked if a certain item could be reshaped. Mr. Luk shook his head. Again he started watching his workers, motionlessly and silently.

“I don’t really care about the profit, more or less. This shop is mine,” said Mr. Luk.

As the owner of the last handmade copperware shop in Hong Kong, the 70-year-old man inherited the shop from his father. “This business can not possibly continue if the shop is rented out to others, and the rent now is too high,” Mr. Luk said. However, he refused to sell the shop to real estate companies, though many have approached him over these years. “I haven’t retired yet,” he said. However, he was not sure about the future of the shop. Of his two sons, one is an office clerk, and the other one is a teacher. “That handmade business can’t intrigue them, and I can’t do anything about that,” Mr. Luk said.

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Edited by LONG LEO

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