HONG KONG – In Kowloon, there are some themed street markets. Among them is Flower Market Road. Located near Prince Edward Metro station, Flower Market Road is one of the largest and most famous flower markets in Hong Kong. With more than 50 shops selling different decorative plants and flowers, the street is always colorful and crowded with hundreds of flower lovers.

Japan Trading, one of those flower shops, has sold flowers and greenery for 13 years. Only two people are working for the shop: a 47-year-old man surnamed Tam is the owner and there is the other worker called Cindy Yan, who is a local woman aged 30. Like other sellers in this street, the two are busy with their flower business all day. Their work is filled with fragrances and colors, as well as toil and moil.

On Flower Market Road, a visitor can not only see different kinds of flowers and plants, but also a side of local life.

Edited by LONG LEO

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