Hong Kong – Chan Sheung Kuen, 80, owner of a Chinese medicinal herbs garden in Lung Fu Shan, Hong Kong, is still working with his belief in the bright future of traditional Chinese medicine. Chan had a dream that Hong Kong one day would become a Chinese medicine port. As the first step of the development, he planed to build the garden in the Lung Fu Shan Country Park in 1998. To his surprise, the government accepted his proposal. “They acted fast,” he recalled and said. “They knew that it was good.” However, Chan had to do it all by himself. He had to bring all the herbs and channel the water from the top of the hill. “In the beginning it was tough, but I never felt tired. I loved doing it,”  said Chan. Every morning, Chan climbs up the hill to take care of the herbs in the garden. Occasionally, people questioned that for people at his age, it would be better to stay at home and watch  TV. Sometimes  there are  more criticisms than praises towards his work. But Chan disagreed. “I will just work harder and never give up, until I cannot climb up this hill anymore,” he said.

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