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Our video stories aim at providing you with insightful understanding of the everyday neighborhoods’ lives in Hong Kong. To better the experience, we spotted the places on the map of Hong Kong. With the four neighborhoods of Fo Tan, Jordan, Causeway Bay and Pok Fu Lam, you can choose the icons in the shape of bulb to see the videos that you are interested in. By putting your mouse on the different icons, you can go through the titles of each video.

Through the videos we produced, you will get to see the diverse Hong Kong society. At Causeway Bay, not everyone walks to skyscrapers in expensive suits on weekdays. There are boatmen who live in typhoon shelters too. Did you know there is a tea odyssey at Fo Tan? Jordan is a particular busy shopping area, but behind those shopping malls and fancy restaurants, a man who runs his family business for over 30 years still make every photo and mirror frame by hand. At Pok Fu Lam, a group of students hear their dreams through music.

Now start your journey exploring those ordinary people’s special lives in Hong Kong. Have a wonderful trip!


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