Number of Chinese studying abroad is growing

By YAO Yuxin “Entschuldigung, ”Michael Mai, 19, says “excuse me” in German as he walks through a crowd. Mai, from Shenzhen, China, has been a freshman at Leipzig University in Germany for the last 10 months. Before Leipzig, Mai studied environmental science and... read more

Learn to love and fear animals in the Leipzig Zoo

By Ng Man Kit Harry In 2010, a cross-eyed opossum named Heidi became an international star after a German tabloid featured of photo of the creature. With more than 180,000 Facebook followers and a song named after her, the beloved creature lived until the ripe old... read more

Carmen: A passionless production

By Kumiko Lau photos courtesy of Bettina Stöß Georges Bizet’s “Carmen” may not be the most popular opera, but it certainly tops the favorites list of diva lovers. The opera not only features a flirtatious and tempestuous love story, but its well-known melodies... read more

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Trabant Slideshow

Trabant Slideshow by David Liu

The Leipzig Zoo by Ng Man Kit Harry

The Mendelssohn House by Steven Wang