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Journalism was the first course offered by the Department of Communication when it was founded in 1968, and remains the best-known course in the University. The course became a Department of its own within the new School of Communication in 1991. Today the Department of Journalism offers three concentrations in its three-year undergraduate programme: Chinese Journalism, International Journalism and Broadcast Journalism.

The programme's special characteristic is that it emphasises both theory and practice, covering professional journalistic knowledge, academic subjects, critical thinking, analytical skills and media ethics. Graduates of the Journalism programme fill many leadership roles in the Hong Kong media industry and the Department continues to be an important and valued source of recruits to the journalism profession.

Emphasis on professional expertise:

Apart from academic lectures, the Department provides students with hands-on professional training. Chinese Journalism and International Journalism students are responsible for publishing their own print and web publications in Chinese and English respectively. Broadcast Journalism students produce online radio and TV broadcasts. Also, at the end of the second year, all students are required to undertake a summer internship in a local or international media organisation. These professional requirements ensure that students are absolutely up-to-date with the industry and ready to embark on a career in the ever-changing journalistic world.

Integration of experience in and out of the classroom:

Each year working journalists are invited to give talks and lectures to students. There are also plenty of opportunities to visit local media organizations and most students can participate in at least one reporting trip to mainland China, Taiwan or beyond.

Small-class teaching:

The Department insists on small-group teaching to encourage more interaction and in-depth discussion between students and lecturers. Besides, each student is assigned in her or his first year to a tutor and remains in the same tutorial group throughout the programme.

Encouragement of academic exchange:

Most students who want to spend one or two semesters overseas have the opportunity to do so. The Department, School and University have exchange partners in Canada, Australia, UK, Europe, USA, Singapore, mainland China and Taiwan. At the same time, overseas students come in exchange to stay and study with our local students.

Enhancement of language skills:

Throughout the programme, students are encouraged to master the three spoken and two written languages essential to gaining a competitive edge in Hong Kong: written Chinese and English, and oral English, Putonghua and Cantonese.


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