International Media Salon

The Media Salon will bring you at least once a month a visit from important figures from journalism and other sectors of the community who will talk about their area of expertise and provide a platform for you to learn more about the local and international world. They will include diplomats and business people as well as international media practitioners and experts, and they will participate in talks and forums and other activities that will focus on work practices, local and international issues and other topics helpful to students. The objective of the Salon is to provide a place for students to interact with a wide selection of people from the industry and the community.

  Title Speaker Date Video
IMS 106 How Journalism Can Help Unlock Modern Slavery Steve Farrer 14 Mar, 2017  
IMS 105 The 2008 Mumbai Attacks – A view from the street on the night Phil Smith 08 Mar, 2017  
IMS 104 Privatising the Inner City Dr. Chloe Lai 01 Mar, 2017  
IMS 103 下一個十年中國互聯網發展的機遇與挑戰 方興東博士 29 Sept, 2016  
IMS 102 The Wild West and Eyewitness Media: The Ethics of Using Social Media in Newsgathering Sam Dubberley 21 April, 2016  
IMS 101 Veteran international and Washington journalist Mike Mosettig 3 March 2016  
IMS 100 Media Literacy and Journalism in Latin America: Challenges in the 21st Century Roxana Morduchowicz 29 Jan 2016  
IMS 99 Media Ethics for the Changing Milieus of Journalism Aidan White
Joseph M. Chan
21 Jan 2016  
IMS 98 Find Your "Voice" and Your "Game Face"! Mike Igoe 20 Jan 2016  
IMS 97 The State of Newspaper Video Jonah M. Kessel 19 Nov 2015  
IMS 96 新媒體時代,怎樣做原創深度新聞?──端傳媒的香港實驗 張潔平 28 Oct 2015  
IMS 95 Squawk Box: Business, Politics, Investors and Traders Geoff Cutmore 24 Sept 2015  
IMS 94 Human trafficking: the 21st century's hidden shame Matt Friedman 31 Mar 2015  
IMS 93 The Hong Kong government and the media Brett Free 24 Mar 2015  
IMS 92 Ethics and War Reporting Eric Wishart 27 Jan 2015  
IMS 91 Journalism and creative media : a threat or a new challenge? Frederic Martel 26 Nov 2014  
IMS 90 M+, Hong Kong’s new museum of
visual culture
Lars Nittve 19 Nov 2014  
IMS 89 The news media and Hong Kong's struggle for democracy Emily Lau 11 Nov 2014  
IMS 88 The Press in Politics Tsang Yok-sing 21 Oct 2014  
IMS 86 The changing faces of China and Burma Stephen Kelly 14 Apr 2014  
IMS 85 Food waste: Getting the message across Rachel Tang 1 Apr 2014  
IMS 84 Failure to Communicate: Too Small a Part of Communication Research Carlin Romano 18 Mar 2014  
IMS 83 How young journalists can meet the challenges of the digital news revolution Eric Wishart 11 Mar 2014  
IMS 82 50 Years after the JFK Assassination Michael Mosettig 22 Nov 2013  
IMS 81 France’s Economic Reforms Mr Arnaud Barthelemy 30 Oct 2013  
IMS 80 U.S. Diplomacy in China and the Asia-Pacific Nicholas Kralev 30 Oct 2013  
IMS 79 Better Journalism, Less HIV? Michael Jordan 23 Oct 2013  
IMS 78 Dual Identity as A Writer and Journalist Gan Yao Ming 16 Oct 2013  
IMS 77 Reporting the Changing Landscape of Southeast Asia Annie Chenaphun  23 Sept 2013  
IMS 76 Reporting China to the world Ching Cheong 17 Apr 2013  
IMS 75 An inside look at CNN Dan Williams 12 Apr 2013  
IMS 74 Education, leadership and career development Merle Hinrichs 10 Apr 2013  
IMS 73 Amnesty International and the death penalty movement Connie Chan 20 Mar 2013  
IMS 72 HONG KONG IN TRANSFORMATION: Life in the 1950s Jason Wordie 27 Feb 2013  
IMS 71 Reading between the tea leaves: China's media under a new Beijing leadership Doug Young 6 Dec 2012  
IMS 70 The Rise Of The Huffington Post And What It Takes To Be An Editor In A Brave New Digital World Chris C. Anderson 16 Nov 2012  
IMS 69 Social activism and modern writing in South Asia Bina Shah
Meena Kandasamy
26 Oct 2012  
IMS 68 The Era of Global Media - Perspectives on Media in Mainland, HK and the West Charles Li 10 Oct 2012  
IMS 67 Breaking the mould: The Afghan photojournalist who won a Pulitzer Massoud Hossaini 25 Sept 2012  
IMS 66 How air pollution is affecting Hong Kong's economy... Mike Kilburn 19 Mar 2012  
IMS 65 Diktat in Belarus: Living Under Lukashenko Dean C.K.Cox 14 Mar 2012  
IMS 64 Documentary film screening: "Hong Kong: Life in the Shadows" Sam Wild 6 Mar 2012  
IMS 63 Journalists as Patriots: Who do You Serve? Matthew Dolbow 27 Feb 2012  
IMS 62 Hong Kong: 19th-21st century urban evolution Jason Wordie
18 Nov 2011  
IMS 61 Dream, Writing and Social Impact Brit BILDØEN,
Hans Christoph BUCH,
21 Oct 2011  
IMS 60 How a major agency functions and what role we play in the global newsgathering process. Phil Chetwynd 14 Oct 2011  
IMS 59 From an entrepreneur to a successful international journalist: how did I do it? Richard Lui 6 Sept 2011  
IMS 58 走進蘋果動新聞 何嘉明
29 Apr 2011  
IMS 57 中國模式,歷史並未終結 葉國華 12 Apr 2011  
IMS 56 Making Medical News “Healthier” II William Lai 1 Apr 2011  
IMS 55 Making Medical News “Healthier” I William Lai 25 Mar 2011  
IMS 54 數碼廣播新構思 何國輝 14 Mar 2011  
IMS 53 世界新聞攝影 黃文 25 Feb 2011  
IMS 52 數字世界的本質特徵和媒介產品的走向 魏武揮 14 Feb 2011 part 1  part 2
IMS 51 Being a Journalist in the Multimedia World Justin Dear 26 Nov 2010 here
IMS 50 金融市場的回顧與展望 周文耀 27 Nov 2010  
IMS 49 我的媒體生涯之旅 羅智成 26 Oct 2010  
IMS 48 Dream, Writing and Social Impact Xavier MORET 22 Oct 2010 here
    Mabrouck RACHEDI   here