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Two veteran journalists share valuable knowledge in Journalist-in-Residence programme 
16 Mar, 2010

(From left) Mr. Kei Shek-ming and Mr. Sebastien Le Belzic 
The Institute for Journalism and Society of the School of Communication held its Journalist-in-Residence programme from 1 to 13 March. Two veteran journalists, Mr. Kei Shek-ming, senior special correspondent at Yazhou Zhoukan, and Mr. Sebastien Le Belzic, former China Bureau Chief of France 24, were invited to share their valuable experience with students in class lectures over two weeks.

Professor Huang Yu, Head of the Department of Journalism and Governing Chair of the Institute for Journalism and Society, said: “First launched in 2008, the Journalist-in-Residence programme aims to better prepare students for a career in the ever-changing media industry and to inspire media practitioners by bringing them up to speed on the latest developments in journalism education.”

Famous for in-depth reporting and commentary, Mr. Kei Shek-ming is an award-winning journalist and currently a senior special correspondent at Yazhou Zhoukan. He shared with the students his 14 years of remarkable reporting experience, touching on various topics ranging from news commentary to in-depth reports and China’s new politics.

With 18 years of professional experience in the media industry, including online, radio and print journalism, Mr. Sebastien Le Belzic, former China Bureau Chief of France 24, gave students a tour of the French media by sharing the important skills necessary for reporting on death and disaster as well as discussing news production in the latest formats.