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    馮德雄, 1983年畢業於香港中文大學新聞與傳播系,1990再完成研究院課程。本科畢業後,一直從事新聞工作,先後任職於商業電台,亞洲電視,無綫電視,明報和有線電視。最近剛辭去有線電視工作,退下新聞最前線。

    Mr. Fung Tak Hung, William has been a journalist since he left school. During his 30 years in the industry, he has worked for Commercial Radio, ATV, TVB, Ming Pao and Cable TV. He has just left Cable News. He was graduated from the CUHK, as an undergraduate of journalism in 1983, and a postgraduate in 1990.

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    Public Talk 公開講座 (All are welcome)
    講題: 電視新聞進與退
    地點: 浸會大學道校園 傳理視藝大樓1樓 (CVA111)
    日期: 2014年11月19日(星期三)
    時間: 下午12:30 至 14:00
      JOUR3056 In-depth Reporting (Chinese)
    講題: 膚淺的電視新聞﹖
    地點: 浸會大學道校園 傳理視藝大樓2樓209室(CVA 209)
    日期: 2014年11月17日(星期一)
    時間: 上午11:00至 12:20
      Conducted in Cantonese
      JOUR7060 Advanced English for International News
    講題: The professional Challenges of 24 hour news (廿四小時新聞的專業挑戰)
    地點: 浸會大學道校園 聯福道校舍(RRB282)
    日期: 2014年11月18日(星期二)
    時間: 上午11:00至 12:20
      Conducted in English
      Jour 3087 Advanced Broadcast Reporting and Production
    講題: 有聲有畫有bite 有扒
    地點: 浸會大學道校園 傳理視藝大樓1樓111室(CVA111)
    日期: 2014年11月20日(星期四)
    時間: 下午2:30至 4:20
      Conducted in Cantonese
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    Funded by Lam Woo Foundation Limited, Lam Woo Foundation Senior Reporters-in-Residence Scheme was launch in 2013. The Department invites at least two seasoned journalists from local and overseas to join us on campus for two to three weeks. They give lectures, lead small group discussions, do demonstrations and share their experiences.

    In this way students can learn more about the latest developments in the news industry. At the same time, media practitioners can be inspired through the contacts with a group of future journalists.

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