Dr. Song Yunya (Céline)

Assistant Professor

Dr. SONG Yunya (Céline) works in the areas of global communication, computer-mediated networks, and new media. Her scholarship has straddled English, French and Chinese cultures and media. Having studied at Nanjing University, Ecole Superieure de Journalisme de Lille, Johns Hopkins University-Nanjing University Center for Chinese and American Studies, and University of California at Berkeley on a Fulbright scholarship, she obtained her Ph.D. from the City University of Hong Kong. Before pursuing her Ph.D. studies, she had taught at Nanjing University and reported on various domestic and international issues for several national media organizations including the China Daily and China Central Television.

Email: yunyasong@hkbu.edu.hk
Tel: (852) 3411 8151


Teaching Areas

  • Social Media and Online Social Networks
  • International Journalism
  • Communication Theories
  • Both Statistical and Qualitative Modes of Research Methods

Academic Interest

  • Journalism Studies
  • Global Communication
  • Computer-mediated social networks
  • New media

Currently Funded Research Projects

Hong Kong Research Grants Council General Research Fund (GRF), Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region: “Framing the Rise of China: How States, Markets, and Globalization Shape Foreign News in the U.S., French and British Press” (Role: Principal Investigator)

Faculty Research Grant (FRG), Hong Kong Baptist University: “Microblogging the Food Safety: How People Engage with Social Media to Support Health Information Needs in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China?” (Role: Principal Investigator)

Selected Publications

I. Journal Articles

Song, Y., Dai, X.-Y., & Wang, J. (Forthcoming). Not All Emotions are Created Equal: Expressive Behavior of the Networked Public on China's Social Media Site. Computers in Human Behavior.  (SSCI)

Song, Y., & Chang, T. K. (Forthcoming). Managing Impressions Online: Microblogs and the State Media’s Adaptation of Online Logics in China. Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism.(SSCI)

Song, Y., & Lee, C.-C. (2015). The Strategic Ritual of Irony: Post-Tiananmen China as seen through "Personalized Journalism" of Elite U.S. Correspondents. Media, Culture & Society, 37(8), 1176-1192.  (SSCI)

Song, Y., & Chang, T. K. (2014). A New World of Spectacle in the Post-cold War Era: China's Central Television and Its Significant Other, 1992–2006. Public Relations Review.  (SSCI)

Song, Y., & Lee, C.-C. (2014). Embedded Journalism: Constructing Romanticized Images of China by U.S. Journalists in the 1970s. Chinese Journal of Communication, 7(2), 174-190.  (SSCI)

Song, Y., & Chang, T. K. (2013). The News and Local Production of the Global: Regional Press Revisited in Post-WTO China. International Communication Gazette, 75(7), 619-635.  (SSCI)

Song, Y., & Chang, T. K. (2012). Legitimizing Ruptures of Development Trajectories: Party Press Discourse on Rural Society in Transitional China (1997-2006). International Journal of Press/Politics, 17, 316-340.  (SSCI)

Song, Y. (2012). Shifting Journalistic Paradigms of American Correspondents on Contemporary China: The Case of Orville Schell. Public Relations Review, 38(5), 796-798.  (SSCI)

Song, Y., & Chang, T. K. (2011). Selecting Daily Newspapers for Content Analysis in China. Journalism Studies, 13, 356-369.  (SSCI)

II. Book Chapter

Song, Y. (2015). Decoding Chinese Media in Flux: American Correspondents as Interpretive Community. In: Rawnsley, G. & Rawnsley, M., ed., Routledge Handbook of Chinese Media. London: Routledge.

III. Conference Papers

Emotion Homophily in Online Discussion Networks: A Networked Approach to Studying the Expressive Behaviors of Social Media Users in China, accepted for presentation at the INSNA 2016 Sunbelt conference. 

Political and Media Systems Matter: U.S., Chinese and British Press Coverage of China's Rise, 2008-2014, accepted for presentation at ICA 2016.

Inferring Latent Co-activation Patterns for Information Diffusion, accepted for presentation at the 2015 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology.

A Synthetic Approach for Recommendation: Combining Ratings, Social Relations, and Reviews, accepted for presentation at IJCAI 2015 (International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence).

Participatory Journalism in an Authoritarian Space: How Chinese Media Use Opinion Polls Online and Offline, accepted for presentation at ICA 2015.

Anniversary Coverage of Tiananmen and the Berlin Wall in UK and U.S. Press, 1990-2013, accepted for presentation at ICA 2015.

A New World of Spectacle: China’s Central Television and Its Significant Other, 1992-2006, accepted for presentation at ICA 2013.

The Heroic Journalist: Memoirs of First-Wave U.S. Correspondents in Post-Mao China, accepted for presentation at AEJMC 2012.

Framing China under Global Financial Crisis: Projection of Power in U.S. Elite Media Discourse accepted for presentation at ICA 2010.

Selecting Daily Newspapers in China for Content Analysis: A Comparison of Sampling Methods and Sample Sizes, accepted for presentation at AEJMC 2010.

Legitimizing Ruptures of Development Trajectories: Party Press Discourse on Rural Society in Transitional China (1997-2006), accepted for presentation at ICA 2009.

IV. Translation

Song, Y., & Wang, L. (2010). Media in American Politics: Contents and Consequences, 2nd Edition (Translation). By David Paletz. Nanjing: Nanjing University Press.